Andrew Casper | Media Professional
Andrew Casper | Media Professional

Audio. Video. Passion.

Andrew M Casper is a young professional working in television broadcasting. I have been producing videos since 2008. Since then, I have worked with different crews for many small and large companies/productions including: MLB NetworkConan, ESPN2, Showtime, NBC Olympics London 2012, and many others. I currently am working full-time at the United Nations as a Media Production Technician.


In May 2013, I finished my degree in Television-Radio production at Ithaca College Park School of Communications. Throughout my career at Ithaca, I have learned from some of the best professors and many awe-inspiring peers. I have been able to learn every part of media production but ultimately fell in love specifically with video production. 


Check out all of my work and media experience, here on my website; including my background, my resume, and most of my individual production work.

What's New?

The Near Year has begun ...


... with continuing my full-time work at UNTV working on broadcasting the numerous United Nations meetings throughout each day! To advance my career in sports media, I continue landing various freelance gigs - which are awesome!

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